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Cheapest laptop BEFORE BF?


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I was hoping to make it through to BF 2007, but it isn't gonna happen. So what d'ya'll think would be the best deal I can make on a laptop this spring/summer? It doesn't have to be running Vista; I don't really care, but I think they'll all have that standard, right? So would 512M of RAM be OK for a Vista setup? Or do I have to get 1gig?


Last year I got one for $400 at BF. Anyone think I can duplicate that *before* BF this year?



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just a note to let you know i went out last wkend got a laptop for 549. at best buy it was toshiba and it had vista and it would not let me run aol at all i had to take it back it had 512. so in turn i was talking with them and a friend who is pretty good withthis stuff and he said go with1g vista has a hard time loading with 512. not sure how well or true this is but needless to say im at work right now on the new lap top i got a gateway with vista .. i dont use it for anythig but this and aol. and i paid 699.00 so i hope that helps you .. i did get the best buy reward thing so now i earned money back .. but its all ok wiht me i was wanting a lap top for yrs.. gl. lori
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oH,I would never buy an other Dell:yuck: -there is NO customer service and they catch on fire-i am sitting here with 3 burned out laptops that the batteries won't charge on and they won't give me any satisfaction at all and the batteries and power adapters were all on recall. :mad: Go to the HP store or Circuit City:) and you can get a FAB Compaq or HP for $500 or less------Circuit City has had a couple for $449 after rebates every week-one Toshiba and one Compaq:yup:

it takes 12 hours to even get a guy to answer the phone there at DELL.:cheesy:

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