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Call of Duty 2 13.99 360


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I know many people are against it, but I am constantly buying video games for my son. Please be aware that this is one heck of a deal (I paid $30 at Best Buy for this game and it's an amazing game), eBay is normally the best deal in town for all video games. If you bought regularly, you'd save so much money that if you're ripped off, you'd still have saved. BTW, I was never ripped off, but even if it did happen occasionally, you'd still end up paying less (unless the odds were really against you and if you use feedback wisely, your chances of being taken to the cleaners really drops dramatically). New releases (Xbox 360, PS3) games release at $60 (for the most part) with WII releasing at $50 (again, for the most part), but by bidding on eBay, even if it's a title that you really want on release dates, bids usually run a good $10 less (including shipping) than what you could buy them for in the store. Once the games become a little older, the savings can run much deeper.


BTW, I only buy new, sealed games, so if you're willing to buy previously played games, the savings could be much more substantial (if you're willing to put in the time to get the best price available).


Normally, DVDs and Video Games are the ONLY things I purchase on eBay (though there has been exceptions)..

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