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DVDs and Video Games Stolen - Help!

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My house was broken into and approximately 100 dvds and 70 video games were stolen. Our insurance coverage is for replacement cost, but the way they do it is give us the depreciated value first and then we use that to purchase the replacements and they reimburse us the balance after we submit our receipts.


My question is, since I will buying large quantities of dvds and video games, who online has the best prices and shipping costs. I am open to suggestions.


We actually did have a list of our movies and games, but of course it was on the laptop that was also stolen. They took about half of our movies, but luckily we are pretty anal and had them alphabetized and have a decent idea which ones are missing. They took every video game, so we are racking our brains trying to remember exactly what we had. The only reason we know how many were taken is the shelves on our entertainment center were full and we know how many each shelf holds.


We are also looking for a good price on an XBox 360. They took our XBox and the insurance company told us to upgrade to the 360.


Thanks in advance for your help! :cheesy:

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Thanks for the advice everyone. The insurance company is still go through the claim, so we haven't gotten funds to start replacing anything yet. We had approximately $7000 worth of stuff taken so it is taking a while to go through everything. Almost everything is replaceable. They took our safe though - checks, birth certificates, SSNs, wills & power of attorneys, savings bonds, auto title, and Iraqui and Korean money that my DH has brought back from overseas tours. They took stuff from every room in the house so it took several times walking through the house to figure out what all was missing. The sheriffs got prints but nothing has come back yet. The hardest part is going to use something and remembering that it is gone - especially the laptop. Thanks again!
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so sorry to hear about this.. i myself was just robbed but they only took all the kids money and all my jewlery.. some was my moms that passed away.. good news is he was put in jail and his friend .. bad news is its my neighbor and well he was in and out for a few months.. we lost lots of money that was the boys.. and well ins only paid back 200.00 jewlery i only got 3000.00 cant wait for court day i want my kids money back. anyway i buy my movies threw deepdiscount.com.. they have pretty good deals.. to bad it was not vhs . i have a huge box of them lol,, gl hope they get the jerks.. lori
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