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Safeway B&M $10 certificate for ten participating items... some end up free!


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I found Slim Jim Sticks 10 for $10, and when I paid, a coupon spit out for $10, to be used on gas or any food (at Safeway). I took the items to my car and returned for 10 2-packs of Kraft "To Go" cheese and cracker snacks (in the dairy section by the shredded cheeses) for $10, and paid for it with the coupon I'd gotten earlier. Sure enough, another $10 coupon spit out. I didn't have time to really check the aisles for more free after coupon items (10/$10 before the coupon) but I did notice lots of $1.50 sale items on the list. There is a special tag on the shelves that is easy to spot (blue/white with a red "ralley" spot on it). Let us know if you find any outstanding deals. The lady at the store told me this is a two week promotion, and the $10 coupon is good until some time in March.



The deal!

The list of items is here of participating products (the category drop down at the top of the page takes you to other items).

They say this is good on "thousands" of items! And the offer is good "one per transaction". They had no problem with me going through the same checkstand within 10 minutes of the first time, and doing it again.

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I went to Safeway yesterday and I think that they screwd me. I purchased 10 boxes of mac and cheese and I didn't get a ten dollar coupon; so, I told the cashier and he went to the customer service desk and they gave me a ten dollar gift card. I made another order with the Kraft to-go snacks and the pouch potatoes, and again I didn't get the coupon. This time I just walked out and called the main Safeway number. They are complete idiots. I called and the lady didn't know anything about the buy ten, get ten deal. I told her to look it up in the computer and she said that she can't use the computer, that she has to look at the ad and doesn't know the details region to region. Ummm, this was the main corperate number, or so I thought. I asked to speak with a manager and she said at first that the coupon would print out at my next purchase. I told her she was wrong. Then, she said that maybe I didn't get qualifying items. Then I told her she was wrong and she said ok, you did get qualifying items. Then, she told me that the items had to be 10 different items. I think that she was full of it, but is that the case that they must be TEN DIFFERENT items to get the coupon????


Oh, and I tried to use the coupons from the internet for the pouches of potatoes and the cashier rudely said that they don't accept internet coupons...come on!


They told me that there was nothing else they could do. The first lady told me that I would have to drive back to the store and speak with someone there and present my receipt. What a bunch of crap. Any suggestions or comments?


Ok, I just called the store and the customer service women was very nice there and said that I can take her name down and she would take my name and number, and the next time I shop there, go to customer service, and they will give me a ten dollar gift card. She said that they noticed the error in the system yesterday. I am not so sure about that part, but as long as I get my ten bucks, I am happy. I don't think that I will try this thing again.

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Today is the last day to take advantage of this deal. I stocked up on Bird's Eye Frozen Vegies (the small boxes) that were on sale for $1.50 each, and ended up paying .50 each for ten of them. This is a great deal since they are the vegies with sauces (like brocolli with cheese sauce, brussel sprouts with butter sauce, etc), and are normally way out of my budget. My freezer is full of the To Go cheese and crackers too! Those were free!
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