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JCPenney 75% off clearance - still on Feb 8


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I went to my local JCP store today and I saw that all the items that were for 75% off yesterday are now for 85% plus off.

Infact, the sweater I bought for myself yesterday was for 6.97 something and today I got that same item for 4.97

Too bad, I cant do a price adjust as today I didnt find my size but its a swell deal.

And to top it - I used my 15% off discount from the survey I completed yesterday.:eyepoppin

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The most expensive thing last night in our JCP was $6.97 ranging to $.97 green tag.

The lady's selection was vast, men's was minimal, kid's was bare, juniors was pretty descent, housewares was okay, shoes was good. I used a 15% survey coupon for additional savings.

I got pair of girl's mud boots $4.xx

Adidas sweatshirt $2.xx

gauchos $2.xx

pants $2.xx

robe $4.xx

dress jacket $2.xx & some other stuff

I saved over $300 for a $34 order.


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