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Toys R Us -70% additional off of clearance items!


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<snicker> I know they had some of those Vtech computers on clearance, green tag price was $90, so they would've been $27. Robosapien was still full price(and my store did have some in stock) I saw some rollerblades too, but I think they were all children's sizes.


I didn't see any board games or trainsets/racetracks. They did have some video game accessories in the clearance though. But, I do also have a small TRU, so that may make a difference.


I'm going back on Friday, I'll report what else I find at mine.

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Guest Luckycharm

I honestly thought Luckycharm would have done that first.


She is our resident Dr. Ruth after all :sleazy:


He beat me to it!!! :rant:



I am soooooo there tomorrow! Will check on "adult toys" for ya there Ross.....Need batteries to go with it??? :angel1:

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I didn't look for those kinds of adult items--but I did pick up a couple of pair of Sony h.ear headphones for the kids (the kind that look a bit like buds, but go over the ears too) for $3 and every copy of the Rudolph Movie soundtrack mine had for 30 cents and a MahJongg gameboy game for me for $8
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