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Coupons for Day Out with Thomas 2007?

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We went to the Calera one in Alabama. The Thomas ride was a joke. The kids (boys ages 5 and 3) enjoyed the everyday train ride in the park (which is free) way better. The Thomas ride just went backwards for about 1 mile then forwards one mile. And we spent a fortune. So see if there is another train to ride not just the Thomas one. That's what we are going to do. There are so many OTHER things to do they will have SO much fun, believe me. They had more fun in activities than the ride.
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The only coupons I've seen is when you buy tickets through ticketweb, sometimes they give you a code for your next purchase.


We went last year in Strasburg, PA and in Cumberland, MD. We wouldn't have went twice, but my mom bought the second tickets because she wanted to see what it was all about. My oldest son loves Thomas.


I agree that the train ride is a bit overrated at just 22 minutes. I mean you can't really tell Thomas is pulling you while you are on it. They played Thomas music, but we couldn't hear it because it was loud on there! The boys got "Junior Engineer" certificates in Cumberland.


The activities going on were much more fun, but some of them you can only do with a ticket stub for the train. I doubt we will go this year, but we may return to Strasburg to ride their regular train which is a longer ride, less expensive and less noisy.


This year is the start of Thomas and Friends live on stage. We are debating going to the Penn State York show, but I hear it's going to be $19-$29. http://www.thomasandfriends.com/usa/parents/thomaslive.html

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I'm not aware of any coupons or discounts either. We have taken my 3 year old son the last two years and he loved it both years. The indoor activities are pretty exciting as well. Although I agree that it is a bit over priced, any Thomas fan will have a great time.


Thanks for the info on the Thomas Live show. I hadn't heard about this yet. I'm crossing my fingers that the show makes it to my area.

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