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ToysRUs Additional 50% off Clearance Clothing and shoes 2/4-2/17


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Just got back from TRU. You do not need a coupon. The clearanced items have pink tickets and the registers will ring up an additional 50% at check out. My TRU did not have much to choose from but I did get my DD a two piece Dora sweatsuit for $5.40, a long sleeve shirt with a shrug to go over if for $3.40 and a Cars sweatshirt with hood for myDS for $5.40



They seemed to have alot more infant then toddler and older clothes left but this could just be my TRU.

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I didnt see much for me to buy at TRU. I went for newborn stuff.. not much left.

However, I did find packs of Fruit of the loom boxer briefs for boys for get this...

.25! Yes .25 each. got 4 pack for 1.05/with tax. LOL I was sooo giddy!

laughed thru the whole store, telling my DS he was set for underwear. I think I embarrassed him.. LOL:lolrun:

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I found lots of stuff in the girls section at my TRU and shoes galore on Sunday. I bought almost all the clothes my daughter will need for next fall/winter. The shoes I found were only girls though, not a very big selection for boys. There was LOTS in the infants section too!! I had to go back today to return two pairs of shoes, one pair were used and I was overcharged on the other pair. I ended up buying a pair of snowboots for 2.00 and the Pixter Spongebob and Dora were 2.80 so I bought both of them. GREAT DEALS!!:D



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