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Computer w/ 19" Flat Panel

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I have a client looking for a decent desktop computer with a 19" flat panel monitor.


They would like something close to:

2.8 Ghz

1GB Ram

120GB SATA Hard Drive

128MB Graphics Card (not integrated)


DVD/CD Writer

19" Flat Panel Monitor


They would like to have two of these setups, and can budget $3500.

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I'd say go with Dell. I just configured an 8400 with the stuff you want and it came out to around $1500 before any coupons. And that was with a 160GB SATA HD and a 3.2GHz CPU.


I don't think there are any great coupons out right now, but if they can wait until next week, you should be able to get 2 of these for around $2500 shipped if you're lucky.

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