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Reputable Printer Ink Cartridge Company??

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Looking for a really really good deal (but also a company that's not going give me a crap product!) on ink cartridges. I have a Lexmark Z65 (just given to me) and i need black and color (18L0042 #83 and 18L0032 #82). I don't care if their remanufactured either. As long as they will work!


This is the best deal that i found:


· Get an additional 5% off the total of your order. Use promotion code "New5off". You will be asked for Promo Code at the last screen of checkout.


18L0042-60 Lexmark 18L0042 #83 Remanufactured Color Inkjet Cartridge $20.95 $20.95


18L0032-60 Lexmark 18L0032 #82 Remanufactured Black Inkjet Cartridge $17.95 $17.95


Total $38.90


This is through www.inkjetsuperstore.com

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We get all of our printer ink at 123inkjets.com We don't get the name brand, but their generic cartridges. They have tons of different types. Our printer uses separate cartridges for each color. I can get 2 of each color and 4 black cartridges for less than what 1 of each costs at Walmart. We have never had any trouble with this company.
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I just bought 12 color and 8 bw generic ink cartridges for my epson printer from inkforsale.net. Total cost was $30.40 (each cartridge is that much anywhere else) with free 2-3 day shipping. I just put them in my printer so I'm not sure about the quality yet. I will let you know.


I had been using meritline.com with no problems until my most recent purchase. They really messed up a huge order I placed for my Mom. I won't use them again.

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