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BB.com - Wii Controllers "In-Stock" for shipping


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There is no price reduction, and you'll have to pay shipping and sales tax, but bestbuy.com has the Wii controllers available. I ordered 1, and it will arrive between 1/9-1/17. This is pretty much the only place I could find online today that had them for purchase.



The nunchuks are sold out on BB's web site, but if you want extras, you can order from store.nintendo.com .

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I ordered last night, and got a confirmation for shipping today :) I'm not sure where exactly it ships from, but it looks like I *may* just have it by next weekend (the remote).


I ordered a nunchuk from the Nintendo site, but haven't received a confirmation yet (a lot of people claimed to get them next-day).



Wii Play would be great, but that isn't until the middle of February, so I'll wait and pick up a copy of that then and have at least 3 remotes then.

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