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International Travel : USA to Ireland

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I'm going crazy looking for tickets.


I'm leaving from SDF(Louisville Ky) to Dublin. I need tickets from March 9th(preferably leaving in the evening after work), and returning sunday the 19th(preferable not at 6:30 am).


I've been looking all over. I'm trying to keep it under $500 and not have 5 6 hour layovers. I'm trying to book for 4 people, if we can do it on American Airlines that would be much preferred.



I read in another thread that travel agents can be a good idea for international travel, any suggestions on ones to use?

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A travel agent can be your best bet because they can tell you when the cheapest fares are available. They can look at all the airlines at the same time. They can do your legwork for you, some charge a fee if you only purchase airline tickets with them though so ask in advance.


BUT .. if you are not flexible on your dates of travel, you might have a hard time get flights cheap traveling over the dates you want .. on a Friday and the weekend after St. Patrick's day FYI ..

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I know you said you'd like American Airlines but try www.Aerlingus.com


They are Irelands national airline and they were not too bad when we flew to Ireland.



St. Patricks Day is a much bigger holiday here than it is in Ireland...fyi

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