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Looking for an inexpensive cruise for March

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I thought I would ask here! We are looking for an inexpensive 7 day Carib cruise for mid-March...out of a Florida port. Can anyone recommend any sites that they've been happy with...or travel agents? We are also military so may qualify for military discounts too...just thought I would ask! Thanks in advance:)
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mid-March is Spring Break time, that means it's going to be the most expensive time of year to go especially sailing out of Florida. January is the cheapest time. I'm going on a cruise the first week of April and the lowest I could find is through Royal Caribbean and that was for almost 450 for 4 nights sailing out of Port Canaveral (Or however it's spelled). It's cheaper to go without a travel agent, since you don't have to pay them. RC and Carnival are the cheapest out of Florida I do believe, so can search them straight from their website. The prices only go up the closer you get, so you'd need to book right away. As far as a military discount, my friend in the Navy wasn't able to use his during the peak season, but you would need to call them while booking to see if you qualify. For a week long cruise you're probably looking at close to 1,000 PP. Which, if you can avoid spending tons of money on the boat, is still an awesome deal when you consider they give you more food than you could possibly imagine!
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