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32" LCD HDTV....Help!

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I'm (obviously) new to the board and to HDTV's. I was sitting on a couple deals at Circuit City and I woke up this morning and found out the sale ended yesterday. I only blame myself, as I kept reading reviews,etc. so as not to make a mistake...should have just bit the bullet and bought one. Anyway, I'm a total knuckhead when it comes to HD, and am on a serious cash leash with this purchase, as my wife doesn't exactly think it's the best idea in the world. Does anyone know of any solid TV's in $500'ish range?





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I agree on price.... best you're going to do for a 32 is $600. We purchased an Olevia brand last year and love it. Great picture whether HD or regular. We did a lot of research and for an 'off brand' it got great reviews. If you're not in a hurry watch for a rebate - we did and got $200 back.
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