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SV2000 WV10D6 DVD Recorder with Remote Control - $57.00 @ Wal-Mart


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Still, for a "recorder", wouldn't $79 be a great deal ? Haven't researched any of these lately. Would love to have one. BUT, I am broke !! I will keep watching this price. Anyone have this model ?


If I ever win the lottery, I would love to have one with the VHS as well. Want to transfer some movies.

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We got this model for my mother for Christmas and we have used it LOTS. We have transfered VHS plus recorded all of the Christmas TV movies on DVD for her to watch later....she loves those movies. Easy to use even for her.


Can you tell me how you record to the vhs with this system? Do you just hook the dvd recorder up to the vcr and it will work just like that? I have been looking for one with the vhs in the system. But I have a vcr so it that works I will just get this kind. Does it work if your not hooked up to a tv?


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