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Okay it's Thurs the 21 and all week has gone bad


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You guys told me my three bad things happend when the Angels all went bust, Well lets see this can't get any worse can it, Monday I bought a year santa and Rudolph and a new piece to my Rudolph village only to find out both were broke, the Outside thing had been a return I think and it took my husband 2.5 hours to fix it to work, But the other I could exchange.


I went to Best buy that night to get some wireless controllers, I bought an open package that they told me were fine and it was the last one they had, Only to find out that was also a return, the symbals were wore off and it was cracked. Well I called because again it was the last one, Best buy said they would make it right and when I went last night they had a new set waiting for me.


I ordered my daughter a warm up suit from her Academy she dances at, Well only the top came in and no bottoms but there is still hope I guess, and you all know about the Barre,



I then sent my Boss his present as I do every year he looks forward to it, he gets home made cookies. At one time I sent them to every one up there but I had to stop doing that. Well i am getting thank you's from the office staff up there for the cookies, They are eating his present and he is was out of the office till tommorrow. I also sent him an easy button, But the Cookies are a yearly thing between him and I. They assumed that the the present was his and the cookies were for them, I will now have to send him another tin today so he has them tommorrow.


This is my week how is yours LOLOLOLOLOL

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