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UPS, is there a number to call to get straight to an operator?

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UPS supposedly left a package at my rear door yesterday. I do not have it, and none of my neighbors has it either. I'm rather ticked off right now, as this is one of my son's Christmas gifts. Their customer service line is a joke, I just want to be able to talk to an operator right away.


And the part that really sucks is that I have 2 more packages coming from them, and now I'm scared I won't get those either.

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I have the same problem, supposedly they left a package at my door yesterday at 3:46pm. I knew something was wrong as soon as I saw the time, we haven't had a UPS truck hit our subdivision any earlier than 6:30pm with the holiday rush.


I hadn't been able to get to a live person yet either so I sent something online.


Fortunately mine is not a gift. Good luck with finding your packages.

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I did manage to get through to someone. After taking my info, they told me to call Walmart, and Walmart would start the trace. Walmart was really great, even offering a replacement right away. I asked them to wait on that though, I wanted to try and find the package first.


And today, I left a note on my door for my UPS shipment today(to leave it in my front entryway). On the note, I also asked where my package was from yesterday. It was delivered one block east of me, to the same number house. I just have to catch someone home there now. And pray they didn't think to drop it in the UPS drop box or bring it to the shipping cneter.

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