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Dell Desktop deals?


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I am in the market for a new desktop system, pref. with Dell so I can use my Dell Preferred Account instead of another credit card over the holidays. Any codes, coupons or special offers out there now? I've seen a few that have been for laptops, but I am looking for a desktop to replace my current one.


I will be using it for work and for digital photos/scrapbooking, but not really gaming. Need to run Office programs (or Open Office...), be able to multi-task with several open windows at once (my dh's pet peeve of mine!), and be in the budget of $1000-$1200 TOPS -- would love to spend less if possible. My flat screen monitor still works, but I was thinking of setting up this current (older) computer for the kids to play pre-school/elem. school games on, simple digi camera stuff for dd7, etc.


Would it be better if I waited until after Christmas? Any advice is appreciated.

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Im also considering an upgraded computer in the next month or so. I would suggest just getting a desk top without the monitor if your monitor is a decent size. Dell has some good deals, look in the on-line discussion section. Also, you can look at the Dell Outlet section (just watch for the shipping costs).


If you are erious getting a deal, you shouldn't be spending more than $700-800 (and that should include a 19in flat panel monitor).


Happy shopping

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I think I've read here that Dell's fiscal quarter ends in January, so there are better deals to be had when they're trying to pad the books at the end of the quarter. But, there are folks much more knowledgeable than I would could confirm, or correct that. Might want to check the Tech form as well.
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