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Embroidary Machine


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I would check with your local sew shop. Sometimes they have gently used tradeins. And you can get lessons from them.

What is your budget?

I have a Singer XL1000 and would love to get the XL6000, which I could get for around $2000

I love my embroidery machine, it is so much fun!!

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The target machine is just a computerized sewing machine not an embroidery machine.

A good one is the Singer Futura http://www.singerco.com/futura You can usually get one of these for around $500ish. A good machine, will not frustrate you

Has a fairly large hoop A large 4 1/2"x6 3/4" hoop and a smaller 3 1/8"x4 3/4" hoop included with the machine. Some of the more expensive machines only have a 4 x 4 sewing field.


Check this out http://shop.jennys-sewing-studio.com/product_info.php?cPath=86_63&products_id=868


Though let me WARN YOU. This is a VERY addictive hobby!!! You will probably want to upgrade from this machine in a very short time. I have a friend that bought this machine, loved it so much, she then went and bought the XL6000 about 6 months later.


It is also not a cheap hobby (though very rewarding) you have the cost of stabilizers, threads and designs. (though I get alot of my designs free off the internet) Sometimes even software to be able to run the machine. Though I think the Furtura just runs off the computer.


Good Luck!

YOu will not regret getting an embroidery machine

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As someone who did ALOT of research before buying one with my wife (notice with!) I would recommend either buying a bargain basement one for 200-300, or spend the money and spend 1 - 1.5K on one. Anything else and you will probably wish you didn't purchase it.


We wound up buying a Janome 9700 and got it for $1500 which was a great deal. Someone bought it new then returned it without using it. They sold it to me for the price of a demo machine. There are a lot of offers online as well, but be careful because having that dealer support is critical. A good place to find some info is sewforum.com although it is sponsered by a dealer that sells machines online.


Check out the Brothers as well, they are a little cheaper and are running a $100 rebate until the end of the month. Go to their website for more info brother-usa.com and look for the sew-a-thon.


Hope that helps!

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thank-you for all this info. I too want to buy an embroidy machine, do you all use it as much as you thought you would before you bought it. sometimes i go crazy when i get near a sewing machine and i wonder if i wil get anything done once I do break down and buy one
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I received an email from Hancock fabrics yesterday. They have a refurbished Janome 8100 embroidery machine for $799. The ad says that the regular price is $1699.99. I do not know much about sewing, so I do not know if this is a good deal or not. I thought I would pass it along just in case it is.





**Forgot to add, coupon says online only.

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Yes dealer support is important if you are not familiar with any type of sewing machines. I bought mine from a VERY well know dealer in Las Vegas, that we still joke about online. His name was George. He always ONLY had one more of that particular model. TEE HEEE

His wife got very sick so he closed his store down severeal years ago.


I didn't have any dealer support but learned as much from my yahoo group as I would have and did from a dealer when I bought my first generation computer sewing machine. But some people can't even thread a machine by themselves. So you have to figure out what type of person you are before buying online vs. dealer support.



The key is to test drive many different models Go kick some tires. This will give you an idea of what you want in a machine. Me I go for big hoop size. Mine has a 6 x 10 hoop, because I hate to rehoop to sew something bigger.



Yes I do as much embroidery as I thought I would when I bought it.


The reason I recommended the Singer Futura is becasue it is an inexpensive machine, but a very good machine. Reliable and will NOT frustrate you. Which is what a cheap "WalMart" type will. And if your thread is always breaking or the machine is messing up, you won't be doing much embroidery.


The Furtura also has the software built in, which a lot of machines dont' you have to buy the additional software or reader writer box to load the design into the computer. Or to do digitizing. Which those softwares run about another thousandish.


Oh and DON'T get something that ONLY reads cards that you buy with designs on them. You will get tired of using the same designs over and over. And those little cards a expensive.

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