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baby alive

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Im very upset I cant find this doll Baby Alive! It is top on my daughters list to Santa! They are out of stock everywhere!Stores like Target have even had them on sale not even having the product! The only place you can find them are like on places like e-bay you know for $150! Ive been out of work since halloween for a nasty fall I took down some stairs, and just cant spend that kind of money, but yet these people by up all these toys and want to make a mint, while the one thing my daughter is sure is coming from Santa won't be under the tree! If anyine knows of anywhere to get this doll please let me know, its really geeting down to the wire for me!:mad:
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I know it can be frustrating finding certain toys right now. Keep calling wal-mart, target and other stores. I have heard that they are getting them sporadically in shipments. You also might want to keep checking online. Just the other day I went to walmart.com and they were in stock. I know it is getting close to time, but you could pay for fast shipping. My SIL got this for my DD. She got lucky on walmart.com. Keep trying.
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