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Kmart - 40-60% storewide


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Just got back. They were marking down the christmas items 40%-60% off. Has some other clothing items and toys for 50% off. I bought socks and other household needs. The good buy of the day was the select Kellogg cereals that were marked down to $1.50 with the $1.00 off coupon sticker. I bought 8 boxes of cereal for a total of $2.00. Kids will love that! :)
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Oooh, your name really threw me for a loop - recognized the av but was so confused for a sec.


Thank you! I'll have to hit there on the way back from TRU tomorrow me thinks.

I have an avatar? I must've turned them off and forgot. I thought Brad/Ross killed them due to the increased traffic. It all made sense to me!


Hope you all got some good stuff. There's this odd pounding going on in my head right now, consistent with the manner of a hangover, so me heading out today doesn't sound like a good idea.

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