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Jogging Strollers with Swivel Front Wheel & FS


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Ooooh. MUST RESIST! That price on the double (I haven't looked at the single) is AWESOME. These are great strollers, made very well. I really want that double but wow, I gotta stop looking at it or else!


ETA: There's quite a few other In Step items on sale for great prices: http://www.amazon.com/s.html/104-1268065-7075922?ie=UTF8&node=3375301&brand=InStep

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I paid $99 at Amazon for the single stroller in October and LOVE it!


I haven't used it for jogging yet, but its the best walking stroller I've used. The handle bars are high enough for my 6'3" husband (adjustable to 3 heights), it is a smooth ride, the wheels are all-terrain for going over non-paved areas, and you don't walk up the back of the stroller like you can with other models. I have yet to figure out how it can be advertised as 'collapsible with one hand' though.


Happy shopping!

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