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Grey's Anatomy, Season 2

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Sorry, you will not find season 2 for $9. Season one only had 9 episodes to it and when it came out. It only had one dvd in the case. It was priced at around $20-$25. Season 2 on the other hand was a full season and had a lot more episodes, it has 6 dvds in it. When it came out it was priced $40-$60. I found mine on E-bay for $30 not including shipping. You will be lucky to find it for $25-$30. If that is out of range try getting the grey's music cd. They have one for season 1 and 2.
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Check today's newspaper ads.. I cannot remember what stores had it.. but in my area 2 different stores had it on sale. This is the only other one out there besides season one, (I think) so you won't be lucky enough to get it for the same price as the first season.

Ok I was being lazy but looked in the ads again.. BB has it for.. (hope you are ready for this)

44.99 on sale. Target has it for 39.99. I think that's about as cheap as you are going to find it. Hope this helped ya some.

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