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FM Transmitter/Tuner for iPod 85% off!


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On sale for $17.99! Originally over $123.00!


Amazon.com Product Description

The unique Kensington FM transmitter/radio lets you play your favorite FM radio stations through your iPod or transmit iPod tunes through your home or car stereo, making it a handy two-in-one bargain. The unit includes such features as a backlit digital display that's easy to read, a pushbutton tuner for choosing the appropriate FM stations, and four station presets that lock in your favorites. And thanks to the ClearFM technology, you'll enjoy richer lows, crisper highs, and superior stereo separation with a "concert hall" effect--all through your default stereo speakers. The ClearFM circuitry also boasts Kensington's patented filtering technology, which results in the lowest total harmonic distortion and signal-to-noise ratios of any FM transmitter on the market today. Compatible with any iPod with a dock connector--including the iPod nano and iPod with video--the Kensington FM transmitter/radio is backed by a one-year warranty.

What's in the Box

FM transmitter/radio, user's manual.


Product Description

Unique 2-in-1 FM transmitter and radio lets you play your favorite FM radio station through your iPod or transmit iPod tunes through your home or car stereo. The backlit digital display is simple to read and tune to any station, and you can lock in your favorites with four pre-sets. Patented Aerielle-enabled FM transmitter technology delivers cleaner, higher quality audio when compared to any other FM transmitter on the market.

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Thanks! I needed that for my son. I have been wrapping his gifts and although he is having a GREAT Christmas he only has a few things to open,I scored a PS3 for him and am trying to rack up on some other little goodies so that his pile doesn't look so pitiful(even though he understands the cost issue)Thanks a bunch!!!!!!
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