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Price Matching Problem at Best Buy

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I went to Best Buy yesterday to price match Sonic Rivals for PSP. Sears had it in the ad for $19.99 regular $39.99. Best Buy called Sears and because it wasn't in stock at Sears, Best Buy wouldn't price match it. They price matched everything else I had no problem, but because the difference in price was so great they called Sears. I questioned the person helping to why I couldn't get the price matched because their price match gurantee states they will price match on the spot. Anyway I said forget it I will got to Circuit City and have them price match it and told them I know they will give me more off the price to boot. Well I went to Circuit City and they were sold out. I went back today and they only had one on the shelf(I need 2), anyhow they pricematched it no questions asked for $17.99. Now I still need to find another one and don't know where to go. Do any of you think Walmart would price match it or will they call Sears too?
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