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MIUCHIZ Handheld Game Plant MONSTERZ Lure $10 @Wal-Mart (.97 shipping)


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MIUCHIZ Handheld Game Plant MONSTERZ Lure is on clearance for $10 at Wal-Mart, shipping is .97!









"The cool new handheld MIUCHIZ game introduces you to the new Tribe especially for boyz: MONSTERZ — for battles and brawling galore! You can wander a virtual neighborhood, check out the inventory in your room, and encounter tons of fun adventures. Best of all, MIUCHIZ can be plugged into a computer, where you can enter into an online community called Planet MION. This interactive world allows you to explore, play games, download cool stuff to your handheld unit, and chat with your friends.


Contents of the game include:

Color screen

Touch screen

Motion sensor

USB cable that connects directly to your computer

IR sensor for 2-player mode

Joy pad and motion sensors

3 games per unit"

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I'd like to order this, but the shipping is $4.97, not $.97. Maybe the 97 cent shipping deal is over?

I ordered one last night and shipping was only .97 but I went back to check clearance this morning and saw they put out several more of these games and when I tried to order again I got the 4.97 shipping too :(

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Thanks so much for posting this, they did add the pawz one and the rock monterz one too and it's showing .97 shipping for me I ordered both the pawz and rock monter one for my son, I had bought the rock monter one at WM in the store for 29.88 I will be returning it! I got 2 for less than the price I paid for 1.
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