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Advice from Snowboarders needed.


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Would this board be good for a 15 year old beginner? Will regular snow boots work or will I have to buy special ones?

Lots of questions.


Where will the board be primary used? (Slopes or the backyard)

How tall is the person that will be using it?

Have they snowboarded before? - If so where?


From the looks of it, you can use regular snow boots. I can provide more general help with additional detail from you.

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I've been told that the board should be about about chin height. But I found this info which is interesting:


To find the correct length for you, start by comparing it to your height. When holding the board on its end, a short board will come up somewhere between your collar bones and chin. Because shorter boards are easier to maneuver, they are great to learn on and are preferred by riders who do a lot of trick, park and pipe riding.


A medium length board standing on end will come up between your chin and nose. This length is for the all around intermediate to advanced rider who may ride a variety of terrain, including parks and steeps.


Long boards go from eye-level to several inches over the top of the head. Long boards are for high-speed carving, deep powder and big mountain terrain.


In your son's case, a 150cm board should be short-medium. This should be fine.


If he's mostly playing in the backyard, then this board is perfect for that. However, if he's planning on taking it to the slopes, then this is probably not the right fit. That said - If he goes to the slopes maybe once or twice a year, I would rent instead of bringing this board. While I'm not familiar with the construction of the board, it probably not durable enough for the slopes. And I'm guessing that the binding maybe lesser quality too. You want really good bindings as you don't want to worry about them braking while your going down the slope.


I've migrated over the years to the snap-in bindings. They are much easier to use on the slopes and you don't have to lay down to snap in. However, you have to use a more traditional ski boot. Hopefully this info helps.



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Thanks! I was thinking the same way about still renting the few times that we would go to the slopes and then have this for playing around at home.

Definitely the best approach for now. If he does get more involved, you can then think about stepping up to a more advanced board.


Glad I could help!

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