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hawaiian mats and seatcovers

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How much do you want to spend ?

What kind of seats ?


Here is a link to some for bucket seats:



They are around 37.99 a pair. Free shipping and no sales tax.

Also, there are several different colors.


I found them on this site as well:



They are $39.99 a pair for universal fit and $124.95 a pair for a custom fit. Not sure about the shipping.

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If you want them custom fitted you can use the second link above and fill out the car information. I haven't seen anything that is for a back seat. Maybe you can order 2 buckets and a bench seat ? That might get pricey though.


This is the only other site I saw: http://www.autoseats.com/hawaiianseatcovers.html


If you have Big Lots or a Tuesday Morning, I would try there as well.

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