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pink Nintendo DS Lite

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Apparently I waited too long on this one. Have tried all the stores I can think of, but I can't find pink, and I won't pay the $200 they're going for on eBay. If anyone sees or hears of a store that has these, I'd appreciate you letting me know!



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I was just at Costco and they have the Pink DS Lites, its in a bundle but is only $143 or something like that. Nice bundle. If you have trouble finding it, post a message to me I can pick it up for you and ship it. We dont have tax here in Montana, if you have a Costco you might try calling and see if they have one in stock
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I have spent the past month searching for one, too! They keep popping up in ads but no one actually has them!


I finally found one 2 days ago at EB Games. The salesperson said if they are sold out in the store you could get it online. (I am not seeing it on the site though.)


Good Luck!


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