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Chr-stmas Eve and Day Meal Traditions

Gator Pam

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something I have noticed in the south... for thanksgiving its ham, for christmas its turkey. We always have turkey on thanksgiving and ham for christmas. several of dh's co workers told him that the opposite is how its done here, lol. is this true, or just depends on the how each person does it?

I've lived in different places in the South including Alabama for most of my adult life and have never heard of reversing the traditional turkey/ham arrangement. However, having a turkey and ham for Thanksgiving isn't unusual for a large crowd.



On Christmas Eve I'll be attending a dinner party that a friend holds every year. She provides the meat- this year it's prime rib- and the rest of us bring appetizers, side dishes, desserts, etc.

On Christmas day dinner will be with a friend and her mom.

I miss family holiday dinners so very much.

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Not to thread jack here but......:idea:


Does anyone here know that recipe for a roast in a slow cooker and it has some kind

of creamy soup in it? I am not a meat eater but I told the kids that I would make that

roast and gravy dish for them for Christmas Eve. I think it may have cream of something

soup in it and some onions or potatoes? HELP!!!

I hope Pam reads this...she is the recipe rescuer here:hungry:




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