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20" Lcd Tv


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Brad, T_Y_

Had perused cnet,tiger&newegg over past week. To be honest, am trying to back down $250 to under 200 bones. Betcha all didn't get much sleep this time last week! Thanx to you all I'm over $1k in the black over the past week 'cause of you-all.

Am still in the 'hover mode, till I meet the tgt price of under '2 though.

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I just bought the westinghouse 19" from tigerdirect.com, it was $249 with a $50 rebate. not exactly under $200 to start but their rebates are fast if you opt to do them electronically--and it really is a GREAT tv/monitor, gave it to my ds for his bday and it's up and running with cable, computer, dvd player and gamecube right now


I did the rebate electronically, had it deposited in my paypal account within 2 weeks of claim. they charge a small fee--I got 45.50 back instead of 50--so my out of pocket for this tv was $205...still great for the quality I think. good luck

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amieelynne/brad thanx for your assistance. Buy.com got my business last nite. Purchase was a Samsung 941BW 19" Widescreen TFT LCD 4ms 5001 WXGA 1440 x 900 DVIVGA Black meaning a moderate to good dpi/res/imputs/etc.. for $234 - $20 Google Checkout - $40 Rebate fr manufacturer = $174 + $00.00 s&h.

Again, thanx

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