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private message confimations


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I've recieved a number of private messages in the past 24 hours regarding the gmail invites, and a few others.


Every single one of them has popped up a javascript alert saying "the sender has requested a read receipt".


As there's really no need (for most messages) to have a read receipt, I wonder whether the wording of the javascript alert that pops up when you send a private message might be confusing people?


Currently, when you send a private message it pops up a message saying "Request a read receipt for this message"


with an "OK" and "Cancel" button.


I wonder whether people are getting confused when they see "cancel" and thinking that cancels sending the message (which it doesn't - it only cancels requesting a read receipt) and whether it might save you a little bandwidth if you alter the popup text etc..?


Just a thought :)



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