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Free Tutti Dolci Lip Gloss BBW/Expires Dec 19th

Blue Kitty

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With any purchase. This coupon does have a id # just like the last one that was posted. So if you don't want to use this one then check your email maybe they sent a coupon to you.


Lip Gloss


Does the barcode show up? I printed one and it was fine but now when I check the link I cant see the barcode? I just did a test print and the barcode does NOT show up now. Strange? Will have to search for another link. :rolleyes:


EDIT** Well now its working. Go figure??? :confused:

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Guest Luckycharm
They don't work when you linkie. it erases the bar code. If you want a copy of the coupon PM me your email addy and I'll fwd to you.
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