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Best Buy - Western Digital My Book 160GB External USB 2.0 Hard Drive


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This offer may not be as good as the 250GB Mybook drive that BB will make available on BF, but this 160GB Mybook is available RIGHT NOW online for $79.99, a $50 savings from the regular price. Shipping is $6.50 for this item, but its still a nice deal.






I first checked the 250GB drive on the BB website and it was still reg price. Then, I was going to finalize my purchase for the 160GB drive, when I decided-last minute- to check the price of the 250gb drive. The online price was then updated to the BF price of $69.99!


I deleted the 160gb drive and added the 250gb drive to my cart and checked out. Already rec'd the email confirmation.


I then went to check on the 19" samsung monitor--another BF deal--The price listed on the website is now $129, but as of 10:35pm PST, you cannot add the monitor to your cart. The "add cart" button is not there. There is a "coming soon" button, so maybe you'll be lucky enough to purchase this online at avoid the BF crowds. This is cool!

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just went to the bb site to look up the 250 hd and it is now $59.99 + ~6.50 s/h


Seagate - 250GB Internal Hard Drive ST3250623A-RK. I wonder if it will go down more.....



That's a great price, too, but I was referring to the External MyBook HD WDG1U2500N.


But BOTH are great deals!

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did you order it online ?

I haven't yet. It looks like it is an online only with no pickup. Not sure if I will only because we are saving for the 52" tv at Wm. Talk/consult with the wife in the morning :D



That is an excellent price for the external also. I have a friend who may want one of those....

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