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Will Best Buy be offering any of the non-doorbuster items online?

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Only one of the items on my shopping list is a doorbuster item (the Sandisk Sansa 1GB MP3 Player). I was in Wal-Mart yesterday and saw that they had those MP3 players in stock. So I’m thinking about just price matching it there since it’s only a few minutes away from where I live (as opposed to the hour and a half away that Best Buy is).


That will eliminate the need to show up at Best Buy at midnight to ensure that I get one of those MP3 players. However, there are still other items that I wanna get at Best Buy. I’m also looking to get –


Seagate 250GB Internal Hard Drive $59.99 - Reg price $133.99

Pioneer 16x Internal DVD/CD Burner $29.99 - Reg price $69.99

ATI X1600 Pro 512MB PCI-E Graphics Card $99.99 - Reg price $205.99


Do you think that those items in particular will be made available online for purchase? If so, when do you think that they’d go on sale?

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