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Run! Buy.com 17" LCD $125 AR!!!


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Buy.com Smart Modular SMART PyxScape SV3170 17" LCD Monitor - Black for $124.99 + Free Shipping (List Price: $499.38)


New Customers Activate $15 off $200 coupon & then add to cart for $239.99 - $15 off coupon = $224.99 + Free Shipping (Choose the slowest!)


There is $100 Rebate (Search offer# 21524) Available - Valid at Buy.com (Ends 01/31/05) - Try that & Get this Deal for $124.99 + Free Shipping


$15 off $200 coupon:



Link to 17" LCD:



$100 rebate site:


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Thanks, Gage's Mom! If anybody wants a better brand and has $60 more to spare, Buy.com has a Sharp 17" LCD (LL172AB) for sale today. Pretty much the same exercise: $299.99 - $15 -$100 = $184.99 with free shipping! This one has speakers.
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I'm wondering if anyone printed off the rebate form before it expired? If that's how it works? If someone did could copies be made to get the same deal?


Just asking.




I printed it but it wont work to copy as it put my info in for printing, so all I will have to to is send that and copy of sales reciept and upc.


I'm going to throw a fit if it doesnt go through!!!!!! Thats the only reason I bought!


They told me on the phone today it was valid so we will see......

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Well I got my monitor and it's going back, fedex dropped it on my porch and the box was ripped wide open and you could see where someone had acutally stepped on the box! So I'm not taking any chances, and now it's not even worth my time. To even try to get the rebate with it being questionable. And it looks like it was missing software and cords. As the only thing I felt inside the box was the actual monitor :(


Hope others have better luck.


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Here's my experience so far:


Monitor arrived pretty quickly and everything looks good except for 1 dead pixel. For such a super low price, I decided to let it go and not to pursue any return/exchange.


As far as the rebate, here's the latest status from wheresmyrebate.com:



Retailer: BUY.COM

Purchase Date: Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Rebate Amount: $100.00

Type: Cash Rebate

Status: Rebate Submission is Approved


Waiting for the check to come in the mail......

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