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Walmart AD Scan question


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My pc is WAY to old (well just old enough, 1997; IBM Aptiva) to view PDF, and we dont have anything for ZIP....

On the ad download page there is a link to download the pdf reader for free. It is near the end of the top statement. Look for this. "here"

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I don't understand why you cannot run Adobe Acrobate Reader or a ZIP opening program. Even if you only have limited RAM nad are still using Windows 98, you can most assuredly use Acrobat Reader and a zip program, you just have to be selective about which version/product you use.


I'd recomment Reader 5.0 for your computer (only requires Win95 or 98 and 64MB RAM) and ALZIP (again, very light requirements.)


You can download a copy of 5.0 from here:








ALZIP can be downloaded from here:



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