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Tommy Hilfiger Bradford Sport Stripe King Duvet Set - $29.99






Tommy Hilfiger Caite Sport Stripe King Duvet Set



Tommy Hilfiger Andrew Sport Stripe King Duvet Set

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Jacquard Chenille Queen Comforter Set, Burgundy/Gold - $29.99



Before you buy this one, read the reviews from other people.


Not what the picture says......, October 10, 2005

I bought this set a week ago and that time there were no reviews.....I wish there were.........


First of all the comforter I received is totally different from what is there in the picture.....its very dull in color...as the other reviewer said the gold color in it is very dullish and looks boring......quality is like any other regular $50 - 70 dollar comforter.


I bought it because it looked very vibrant in the picture and more than that Amazon said that the retial price is $500 and there is a big discount on it. I was literally fooled in to this deal. I think amazon blew up the price only to fool us in to believing that this is a good deal at $70 price......... no sane person in this world will pay $500 for this set.


P.S it is just like a regular cheap looking comforter....DONT BUY IT if u appreciate quality and value......u can find a better comforter at your local Target or walmart store and at a better price than this. This was my first bad experience with amazon, now I need to figure out how to ship this big fat ugly looking stuff back to them.


Don't be fooled into buying this...., October 14, 2005

What a terrible quilt. I don't even think it deserves 1 star. The colors are dull and the border of the quilt doesn't even match the rest of the quilt. I could get better quality at a discount store. The worst thing is that even though Amazon allows you to ship back to them with only a label, what they don't tell you is the cost will be deducted from your refund. The picture was false advertising.....DO NOT BUY THIS!! I wish there had been reviews before I bought it.

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I read them as well, and I think I'm still getting the comforter. It looks like a nice heavy fabric, and the colors being a little more faded doesn't bother me. I'm undecided, but if I get anything out of the list, that'll be it.
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