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Can I get a quick lesson on TV's?


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I may be in the market for a wall mounted, flat screen tv this year for my husband, but I know nothing about TV's and my husband will be away on BF, so I'm going this alone. Before I get to the stores, I was wondering if someone could give me a brief lesson on them. I guess I'm mainly confused about the difference between HDTV, LCD, Projection, Plasma, etc. So, which one of those is the best or which one should I buy? What about size when it comes to those wide screens? What size in a wide screen would be comporable or bigger than the plain old 32 inch tv I have now? And the last question is, with tv's on black friday, are they ones that are doorbusters and sell out within 5 minutes of the door opening so I would have to spend hours in line just for a tv, or are tv's something that I could get there after the mad rush, like late morning and still get one? I dont know how popular TV's are on BF because I've never needed one before. Thanks for any help! Still debating whether I want to go out on BF just for a TV, but based on opinions here and determining if the few hundred $$ price cut is worth it, I'll make a decision.
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Start here: http://www.crutchfieldadvisor.com/learningcenter/home/tv.html



Choose a Screen Size:



Calculate screen sizes on different TVs:



The Doorbusters are just that... door-busters. If you want to buy a doorbuster TV but you aren't going to be one of the first dozen or so in-line I wouldn't bother going. Because the first twenty-five people or so in line will have bought all the doorbuster TVs.


TV threads:



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