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I got a price adjustment from kohls.com!


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I bought their Little People royal gift set (kingdom castle and two accessory sets) when it was on sale for 40% off. I was afraid it might sell out and didn't think I'd be online during the BF sale hours anyway. Well, about 9:30 am on BF, I was indeed online and saw that it was still in stock, on sale for the 50% off. So I emailed their customer service and said that I'd bought it for $26.99 and it was on sale for $22.49 at the moment, and asked if it was possible to get a price adjustment.


I just got an email back, and they are giving me the $4.50! Woohoo! So I got it at the BF price after all! I'm quite happy now. Walmart sells just the castle alone for $20, so this is like getting free accessory sets. :D This was my first order from kohls.com and I must say, they've made a good impression on me.

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