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Rebate trouble?


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Black friday went ok for me. I picked up my 200 GB Western Digital hard drive for $50 (AR) and my DVD+R drive for $40 (AR) at Officemax. (my monitor got sold out at staples :().


Anyways, my question is, some of the products i got from office max had two repates they wanted me to send in. One to the office max company, and one to the manfacture. They were to two different addresses, and they both want me to to send the UPC code cut from the box???


What do I do, I only see one UPC code on the boxes...Do I photocopy it, or is there an extra UPC code hidden in the box some where?


Thx a lot for your help, cuz i got to mail in these rebates in in 14 days (no 13), and if i don't, $300 is going out the window.


Thx again, and i hope to see replies soon!


BTW, they rebates are a pain in the....rearend!! I have like 30 of those rebate papers i have to mail in.....i'm gonna spend like $5 on stamps....haha

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Call them first, but it usually is a copy goes to the store and the original goes to the manufacturer

Agreed. Of course YMMV but this is how it usually works with most stores.


You have 1 product with 1 UPC with two rebates with two addresses.


Original UPC - manufacturer

Photocopy UPC with a little explanation - store

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I suggest that you do what Ross said. I had the same situation come up and I sent the original to OfficeMax copy to Western Digitial. I got confirmation from Office Max that they were sending the rebate. Nothing from Western Digitial. From the rebate print outs it was hard to tell what to do on the copy vs original.
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Oh, ok. I'm thinking the orginal to the manufacture, and the copy of Office Max is the best thing to do. But according to AFB, i think calling them is the best thing to do. WHen i get a reply, i'll post it. btw, thanks for all the suggestions guys.



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