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question price adjustment


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Iknow Walmart does price adjustments etc. This seems to good to be true though~ Isaw the mp3 player at BB has it for 34.xxthat BF morning. WM has the same one I matched it up for 69.98 now. I was going to go and put them (2) on layaway and then priceadjust BF with the ad. This way no line at BB :yup:;) . Iknow I need to see if I can pick up my LAW at my WM.


DO any of you see any reason they could not priceadjust thisaside fromLAW being closed?????

Do I need model #s he matched off by brand and style ?????

it would be a 50% savings . not sure how great they are they seem decent they are for a 7 and 10 year old.

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