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Better retailer plans for BF?


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Please post ideas here... we all know it's getting really crazy on BF and there's threads

about people cutting in line (sorry, "saving places for people"... whatever)...


How could they handle this better?


My idea:


Hire a few employees or rent-a-cops to start at 11pm Thursday handing out hourly cards.

An 11pm card, a 12am card, a 1am card, etc.


One per person, no getting one for the "friend who's not here yet".


As opening approaches, exchange them for tickets for 1 of each item they want.


However, if you're missing say 1am through 4am, no tickets for merchandise for you.


Then, combine this system with goat-herders (I call them that... the people organizing aisles

like at amusement parks). Block all access to the front door with security guards except

those in the goat-herders.


I think this system would eliminate the 'door-crashers' at opening, it would limit people

cutting in line since it wouldn't matter with the time cards, etc, etc.


Anyone have any other ideas...?

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