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Okay this is from last year (and I am not sure if this is true)


Circuit City has their BF specials run Friday - Sunday on some of their items. Of course you have 80% of your people come early to get all the door buster specials and then the others are stragglers.


Well last year I went and looked for "X" DVD and could not find it (sold out of course), and I asked and they said "hey if it's not there"...


Well then the next day (Saturday) I go back to the same location and guess what, there are 5+ of that DVD I was looking for the day before.


1) Why hold back on DVD's or any items, do they do that to help others for the remainder of the days?

2) Is this a normal store policy for all stores and not just them?


I wish I could say to the employee "I know they are in back so get it please"

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