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Hero Guitar 2 (PS2)


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Best Buy on BF is $40 I think, might be early bird special.

Check out the listing here on the BF sales.

Good Luck

The one in the Best Buy ad is for a guitar controller not the GH2 game and controller.


To the OP I doubt that GH2 will go an sale anywhere since it is so popular and new but you may be able to pick up GH1 with controller for a good price. If I see it anywhere I will post

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I was at Walmart last night and they had it as a special buy for $69.xx regular $79.xx. I asked how long it would be at this price and the lady who helped me told me until the end of the ad she thinks. We both looked in the ad and it was listed for the $79 price, so I said something and then another employee was asked and he wasn't sure either. The final answer I got on it was they must be trying to beat a competitor's price on it and that it would end on Sunday(11/12/2006).
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