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Dell Inspiron E1505 with 15.4"/1GB/80GB/Combo/WiFi/MCE - $629 Shipped @ Dell Home


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I am in the market for a laptop, of course I am pretty clueless. I work from a home office using my desktop for powerpoint etc. I would still keep the majority of work on desktop, but would like to be able to use a laptop in other areas of the house. Would this be a good machine that would hold microsoft office. I would only use for emailing, web searching, and occassionally a powerpoint or word doc, but I could easily save to cd and transfer if I need to get it off the laptop.


Now if I just knew how to set up a network ha ha.


Any of the upgrades you would recommend?



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is this a one day deal? i'm really itching to buy this.. but i need a few days to get enough money :(

Usually deals like this will be available for a few days - it was posted yesterday and it's still good today, so there is a good chance it'll be available through the weekend. Dell usually updates their promotions on Wednesdays, but that's no guarantee that this will be available that long.

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