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10 year old boy what to get him??? his list stinks see post


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I have only one son and this year he is hard to shop for!


his list is as follows from SANTA: a new twin mattresss for top bunk

a 3rd pair of addidas shoes

Chicago Bears Jersey



we got the jersey,and the movie mattress will be a gift card



from us:hand weights

rubiks cube


BIG trouble


we did away with video games he became addicated and not very nice fromplaying them so much. he decided to sell his on ebay and someone bought it.


I bought him the darn plane thats suppose to fly but after seeing mix reviews I ma not sureanymore on it. I have the battery and waiting for the plane to show up . its on back order atTRU


Any help is great? he loves micheal Vick from the falcons and I got him a jersey last year. big time footbal nut he is

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my kids used to say stuff like that but they knew money was tight for me.thats why they never said really what they want. if you can really blow his mind and get,i dont know what,but get lots and lots of fun stuff. my youngest at that age loved bionicles but he wouldnt tell his friends he played with them
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What kind of items does he have in his room?


My son age 11 has gotten this in the past:

Stereo system

New alarm clock

sports comforter/sheets/poster (he love the Titans)

He has a computer so he got a new mousepad (Titans)

Electric guitar w/ amp

Titan hoodie and jersey

Nike hats (he wanted one of each color available)

Football and training hit pad (the huge pad they use to train with hitting (pricey but its helped him. Not sure if yours plays football as mine does)

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This year he wants some of the Wild Planet Spy items (Amazon has some nice pricing on this)

He also wants PS2 games and X-Box games

Tag/Axe body spray gift sets

Magic the Gathering and Yugioh card decks

Board Games (Stratego, Axis and Allies, Kingdoms, and Dungeons and Dragons)......He loves the medieval and war times games.

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Does he listen to a lot of music? What about XM radio? They have a lot of all sports stations as well.

You mentioned Michael Vick what about something signed for him? Try ebay ... be sure to get a certificate of authentication if you do go that route.

Or lots of stuff here http://mikevick.com/vick_store.html

Also found you a falcons sheet set. http://www.amazon.com/Atlanta-Falcons-Piece-Twin-Sheet/dp/B0009KBNQG , bedding from Target (they have everything including curtains) http://www.target.com/gp/detail.html?ie=UTF8&frombrowse=1&asin=B000CQG83U

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mp3 player or an ipod shuffle (reconditioned from apple still with a year warranty)


My DS 11 likes card cames, pokemon, yuguhio, rook, phase 10, uno, and skipbo.


His list this year

basketball goal

new basketball


ipod nano (or well one with a display)

DS game (didn't state which one)

Gamecube game (again nothing stated on which one)


The top 4 is more of the line we will go...Im not sure 'bout the games.

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The JC Penney wish book has comforter and bathroom sets in every football team. That would go great with his new mattress!


They also have the full uniforms.. pads, helmet, pants, jersey... these aren't made for real play, but they look great, and for playing outside or dressup.. even a wall decoration.

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