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nintendo ds lite

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I bought the pink DS Lite at Limited Too - They are marked at $149.90 but I used a 20% off coupon and got it for $119.92 and I earned 2 $25 Too Bucks and 2 $10 Bonus Bucks that I will be able to use at a later time to buy more Xmas stuff- My DD LOVES Limited Too:)
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Where do you get the 20% off for Limited Too? Also, I don't see anything on there site for the system or coupon. Thanks!!!!!!

You have to sign up for their mailing lists and you will get the 20 % off coupons in the mail in their catalogs :)

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IF you are a member of Costco.. they have them online, Pink or Black Onyx Bundle. The pink comes with Bratz game, and the black comes with Star Wars. The both have the lite hardware.

And just noticed they had a white bundle for $165.

Bundle Includes:


Nintendo DS™ Lite Hardware

New Super Mario Bros.™ Game

Accessory Bundle: Glow in the dark stylus, screen cleaning cloth, screen protector, and compatible earbuds

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