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Got the Meijer Thanksgiving Day sale ad!


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Thursday ONLY!!


Magnavox 20" CRT TV $69.97

Bratz Slumber Party $9.97

Apex Progressive Scan DVD Recorder $99.97

Hasbro Games (Clue Jr., Hangman, Bratz, etc.) $5

5-CD Stero $37.77

1600 psi Power Pressure Washer $99.96

Men's & Women's Turntec or MTA PRO Athletic Shoes $14.99

Black & Decker 18V COrdless Drill with Radio Charger $49.99

2 Liter Bottle Pepsi, Diet Pepsi or Mt. Dew 57¢

Buy 2 packs batteries (priced $4.99 & up) and get $5. off

Buy2 DVD's ($9.99 & up) or and 2 CD's ($12.88 and up) get $5 off

Lil' Bratz Doll Pax BOGO FREE

Hot Wheels Cybord Assault $24.77

LEap Frog Phonic Library $11.84

Fairytopia Sparkle Fairy Barbie $4.50

BeyBlade basic starter assortment BOGO FREE

Playskool Dusty the Magic Talkin Vacuum $11.84

Lite Brite Cube $10

Care BEar Cousins with video $9.44

DIsney Silly Music Makers $6.93

Fisher PRice SLide n Spin Bees $6.93

PS2 with 3 free games $149.88

GameCube with 3 free games $99.88

XBOX with 3 free games $149.88 (total of 5 games)

CD's--choose from 40 titles $7.77 each

DVD's--chose from 30 titles 2 for $17

Fish Tank kits $15.99

SportsPower 9-in-1 game table $69.99

Emsco 107cm Supra Hero Snowboard $9.00

Kids Licennsed Luggage $19.99

Pacifica 3 pc kids luggage set $9.99

Memorex DVD+R 25 pack $9.97

Case It CD organizer $14.97

GPX AM/FM clock radio $3.88

Indoor Furniture 25% off

Decor accents 50% off

Picture Frames 50% off

Photo Albums 50% off

Scrapbook supplies 35% off

Samba or Tickle Yarn $2.49

VIllage candle jars $9.88

Singer sewing machine $79

Dirt Devil vacuum $79.99


There's alot more...its a 12 big page ad

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I just looked through the ad again and nope, no trees :( I really need a new one too (mine resembles Charlie Brown's tree, lol)


No snow yet--just raining like crazy. Is it snowing near you? I keep hearing all different things--just a dusting, up to one inch, 4 to 5 inches....I am hoping its just a dusting! LOL

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Hey Scrappy...

Did you see that Meijer has a 6' prelit tree for approx $25 this weekend? I think i might jump on that...provided there are still some left when I eventually stumble in! :)

We definitely got some snow today! I couldn't get over how fast it was coming down between 4-6 tonight!

Now with possible rain in the forecast for Friday, it will be interesting to see how much remains...Makes me super glad that I am not camping out on BF...might be a really chilly big ole mess that day!

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Hi! No, I didn't see the tree...hmmm...I know Target has a 7ft prelit for $29 tomorrow. Hubby is hogging all the sale ads right now :fedora: lol


Todays looking better outside--bitter cold but at least the sun is shining! :yelclap:


Anyone else get up early and hit Meijer? We were there by 4:30am this morning standing 4th in line for the Xbox deal. Also picked up Pepsi for 57¢ and some popcorn tins for $2.99. Anyways, I am ready for a NAP right about now! :yawn:



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DANG!! Wish there was a Meijer's this side of the tracks :rant: LOL!


Be careful out there in the snow and icky weather, but scoop up all those awesome deals and think of me!!LOL Sounds like Meijer's has the best Thanksgiving and BF deals of anything I have seen.


HAVE FUN!!!!! :jump3::2elephant:thumbsup::2monkey::banana::multi::2woot::2wiggle::groovin::jester:


Ok guess that is enough, but I was having fun!!LOL



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