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Yamaha 1960's Surf Styled Electric Guitar with Amp - $119.99 Shipped @ Amazon.com


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The guitar came in on Halloween night. I had just sent the kids and dh off trick or treating when the UPS guy pulled up. I'm glad I stayed, because the box shows what is on the inside. :eek: The guitar looks great and dh was really impressed. Thanks again Brad!!!!:D
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My boys really want an electric guitar, they found one on sale at BB this week for $139.99:



Gibson Baldwin Music Education LP 6-String Full-Size Electric Guitar and Amp Package - Tealburst Full-size body

Tealburst-finished, solid-wood body

Steel strings for bright tone and easy playability

Maple neck with rosewood fingerboard for solid feel and easy playing

1 humbucking pickup

Die-cast tuning machines for accurate and long-lasting tuning

Includes 5-watt amp, soft case, 10' cord, guitar strap, picks, extra strings and DVD


Anyone know which one would be better? I have no clue when it comes to guitars so I don't know if the Yamaha one is better or this one from BB.



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Guitars do come in lefty and righty models. This one is for righty's. I have ordered frequently from americanmusical and music123, two .com websites with a reputation for good prices and wide selections. If you find something that you like on music123, ask them a question about it and they will usually send you back an answer with a bonus... a personal quote that is less than their advertised price!
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I was excited about getting this for my son, but the price jumped to $119.99 today when I went to order. Does anyone know if it will go back to $99. I know $20 dif isn't alot but I would love to get it for $99. Can anyone help?:(


I'm not sure how old your son is but JC Penny has a guitar and amp on their Wednesday Deal today. I'm not sure what shipping would be on it. I tried to link it but the link was rediculously long.

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